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Adds custom config and developer tools to an existing next application

The next init generator will add a custom ESlint config to an existing NextJs application, install eslint-plugin-testing-library to the project. as well as update project.json with a custom test config to allow coverage collection from jest.

If infrastructure already exists for the workspace, this plugin will also call @ensono-stacks/next:infrastructure to add build & deploy infrastructure to the Next project.


An existing Next application


nx g @ensono-stacks/next:init

Command line arguments

The following command line arguments are available:

OptionDescriptionTypeAccepted ValuesDefault
--projectName of the existing next applicationstringnameOfApplicationN/A
--infraAdd build & deploy infrastructure to the Next projectbooleantrue/falsetrue

Generator Output

The following files will be updated if no workspace infrastructure information is present, or if the --infra flag is set to false

UPDATE apps/baseline-next-app/project.json #Updated with custom test config to allow for coverage collection
UPDATE apps/baseline-next-app/.eslintrc.json #Ehanced with additional linting rules
UPDATE apps/baseline-next-app/tsconfig.json #Minor enhancements
UPDATE apps/baseline-next-app/tsconfig.spec.json #Updates for monorepo structure
UPDATE apps/baseline-next-app/specs/index.spec.tsx #Formatting changes

Otherwise, the @ensono-stacks/next:infrastructure will have also added build & deploy infrastructure to the Next project.