Introduction to the Java REST API application

Stacks Java Spring Boot REST API Application


This is a sample Java REST API application, showcasing best coding practices and integrating with Azure and scaffolding for Amido Stacks.

The application implements Application Insights for performance management, and Cosmos DB is used for cloud persistence.

The application is designed as a restaurant menu application. Users can create a Menu. Menus can hold one or more Categories, and a Category holds menu Items. The API provides an interface for clients to create/update and delete any or all of the menu components.

As an example below is a Json response to illustrate the structure defined by the model.

"id" : "296b3d1e-c8f0-4958-8138-bf191f633cbc",
"restaurantId" : "a6f6a3e0-7a4c-4c0a-b7cf-6115b624c2e7",
"name" : "Restaurant Menu",
"description" : "Restaurant Menu Description",
"categories" : [ {
"id" : "ab6df204-572b-46ef-b5b5-75a6a6b47882",
"name" : "Main Menus",
"description" : "Main meals",
"items" : [ {
"id" : "5a63d477-11a6-454b-902e-f3794b723f0e",
"name" : "Lasagna",
"description" : "Pasta Item",
"price" : 13.56,
"available" : true
} ]
} ],
"enabled" : true