Create the project

To create the project there are three different options available presented below.

The Amido Stacks Scaffolding CLI can be used to create a fully-functional and deployable project from a template, in a variety of flavours. It includes tests (unit, integration), together with infrastructure and deployment definitions. All by running from your CLI.


  • Provides a guided project creation when generating the preferred project flavour.
  • Enables the creation of all projects in Amido Stacks templates suite.
  • Allows automated personalization of project name, domain model, company name.
  • Removes out the content not needed from the GitHub repository.


  • Requires npm and npx installation.

Create the project using the Scaffolding CLI
  1. Install npm. It is provided with node.

  2. Install npx to execute the scaffolding-cli.

    Run the command to install npx
    npm install -g npx
  3. Create the project

    Run Scaffolding-CLI command to start the project creation
    npx @amidostacks/scaffolding-cli@latest run -i

    A series of questions will be asked to produce a guided choice of Amido Stacks project flavour. Based on the answers, the ready-to-build project template will be produced.

Create the project by cloning GitHub repository

Clone the .NET project to your local machine from here: stacks-dotnet repository

Run git clone repository command
git clone

Create the project using the template
  1. Install the package

    Download the stacks-app-template.1.0.0.nupkg template package (.NET Core 3.1, current LTS release) to a temporary folder.

    Run the command to install the package
    dotnet new -i /path/to/stacks-app-template.1.0.0.nupkg
  2. Create the project

    Run the command to create the project
    dotnet new stacks-app -n Company.Project -d DomainName

    The above command will create a folder and a repository called Company.Project.

Template parameter details
  • -n
    • Sets the project name
    • Omitting it will result in the project name being the same as the folder where the command has been ran from
  • -o
    • Sets the path to where the project is added
    • Omitting the parameter will result in the creation of a new folder
  • -d, -Domain
    • Sets the name of the aggregate root object. It is also the name of the collection within CosmosDB instance.