Create the project

There are several ways to get your Stacks project.

Create a new project using the template
  1. Install the package

    Access Amido.Stacks.Templates package page in Nuget here.
    Copy and execute the command displayed in the page (if you want to get the latest version).
    For example,

    Run the command to install the package
    dotnet new --install Amido.Stacks.Templates::0.0.92
  1. Create a new project

    Navigate to the folder where you wish to create a new project on.

    Run the command to create the project
    dotnet new stacks-webapi -n Company.Project -d YourDomain

    The above command will create a folder called Company.Project.

Template parameter details
  • -n, --name
    • Sets the project name
    • Omitting it will result in the project name being the same as the folder where the command has been ran from
  • -d, --domain
    • Sets the name of the aggregate root object. It is also the name of the collection within CosmosDB instance.
  • -o
    • Sets the path to where the project is added
    • Omitting the parameter will result in the creation of a new folder

Create the project by cloning GitHub repository

Clone the .NET project to your local machine from here: stacks-dotnet repository

Run git clone repository command
git clone

Create the project using the Scaffolding CLI (in redevelopment)

The scaffolding CLI is being redeveloped to offer you more guided choices of Amido Stacks project flavour. Based on the answers, the ready-to-build project template will be produced.

Pros and cons of each option


  • Has no dependencies.
  • Enables creation of .NET Core projects in Amido Stacks Suite.
  • Enables versioning and access to older versions of Stacks templates.
  • Removes out the content not needed from the GitHub repository.


  • Too many commands to run.